Venezuela and the lost world

Thats us just back from our latest adventure, a couple of weeks filming in the jungles and cloud forest of Venezuela and among the Tepui’s (Table top mountains) Slightly different to the hot, humid jungles that we are more used to but amazing all the same. As I write we are planning a trip, possibly before christmas to the Brazilian Amazon to hopefully work with the Zo’e (see:  for an insight to this little known tribe ) with a view to filming there next year … more to come on that later …

In the meantime, here are a few images from Venezuela ….

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Filming “Dropped” for Mastiff of Sweden in Johor, Malaysia Shoot

Every now and then you come across a real gem of a location. This was certainly the case on our latest shoot where Andy (Furness) and I supported Mastiff of Sweden’s “Dropped” show In Jahor, Peninsula Malaysia. Pristine forest, over 100 herds of elephant and an estimated 18 Tigers!! … unfortunately with the some what large (and brightly equipped!!) crew we had on the ground, 60+ in total, we didn’t get to see too much wildlife, but one lucky soul did see a clouded leopard, any way, here are a few images of a shoot location I intend to investigate more …. mean while, whilst Andy and I were running around the jungles, Dave (connell) was down in Botswana working on another shoot for (BE’s Television support division) … Images to follow …….


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Real survivor TV Shoot – Kimberly, Australia

After an epic 36 hours traveling back from Australia, here are a few images from the shoot. Living and working with the Wooroora Aboriginal group who are still allowed to hunt/fish/gather using their traditional methods. So much done and so much learnt, an amazing trip in an amazing and sacred location.

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Real Survivor TV Shoot … Botswana

As promised, a few images from our shoot in the Okavango delta last month with Tigress (The 4th of 6 this year) the shows are coming together nicely and will be airing in the new year. I am off to Venezuela to cover number 5 this evening, a shoot that should prove challenging but fun. Images to follow on my return ….


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Fungi Foraging 2013

A fantastic days foraging with John Wright on Wednesday, over 50 identified and more importantly about a third of them were good eaters including Giant Puffballs, Chanterelles, Field and wood mushrooms, Amethyst deceivers and common deceivers to name but a few. Thanks to all that turned out, a damp day but fantastic all the same. And a special thanks as ever to John for his wit, expertise and for putting up with me!


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Manhunt Korea shoot.

Final few days scouting and shooting on Jeju, South Korea. A tough hunt across some gruelling terrain … mostly on our belt buckles! The Korean National Police SWAT team were worthy opponents …


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Scouting, Jeju Island, South Korea.

Scouting well and truly underway, Jeju Island, South Korea……


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