Naked and Marooned

Explorer Ed Stafford is to attempt to stay alive for 60 days on a remote island without supplies in an extreme survival series for Discovery Channel. Naked And Marooned see’s the former soldier dropped from a plane onto a desert island in the South Pacific Ocean without clothes or food.

Ed, who is currently on the island ahead of a 2013 broadcast, will spend two months self-shooting as he bids to establish a sustainable system in which he can produce food and water. He will make use of his cameras, as the only resource available to him, for activities such as tracking the movements of predators or measuring tidal patterns. Survival experts will watch Stafford’s exploits remotely and offer analysis as his physical, mental and emotional state changes. Context will be added by including interviews with people who have survived similar situations.

Discovery vice-president of production for Western Europe Elizabeth McIntyre, who is exec producing the series, said it was a genuine experiment. “Seeing if he can survive in a situation like this has been a lifelong dream of Ed’s, and it has authenticity because it is in no way a contrived format,”

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One Response to Naked and Marooned

  1. Paul Colley-Davies says:

    Well..would freeze to death in Scotland but has a good chance of being a fine specimen when he leaves this island. If he spends the first few days reducing his BMR by eating nothing and just locating resources, he should be fine. Then he will find that native wildlife, it being a pacific island, has been severely affected but the cause of that decimation could provide a meal or two..I am talking rats of course!

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