Swiss TV Shoot number 3 : )

Just back from another television shoot for Swiss TV company ‘John Allen’ – Homerun Switzerland is the third we have covered, with Thailand in March and Namibia last August. This series proved to be a lot more demanding than the last two, with cast leaping from helicopters into mountain lakes, shooting down water filled canyons, sleeping in Igloos on Mount Titlis, making their way from one side of a mountain to the other via a VERY small cave and climbing up and abseiling down some of the biggest walls in Switzerland (See below) – all whilst learning and practising survival skills en route. The final four guys had to endure a 3 km swim across a lake!! I have to say, I take my hat off to each and every one of them. Some exceptional characters and some exceptional accomplishments by every one involved.

The first image shows one of the walls, the second, if you look closely shows some of the guys mid wall – big is an understatement!!

Click on the images to enlarge


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