New Zealand and beyond …….

Ross is back, I’m off, lots happening!

Thats Ross back from what sounds like an awesome trip down in New Zealand (see images below) and me heading off to Whistler in Canada .. unfortunately not on a ski holiday but scouting another survival shoot. Sadly with the current financial climate the courses front is pretty quiet but every cloud has its silver lining as they say .. LOTS of great new ideas that have floated around in the grey matter for far too long can finally be put into operation. Watch this space for new developments coming soon. In the mean time enjoys the great shots Ross got down in NZ.


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2 Responses to New Zealand and beyond …….

  1. pcdtreeman says:

    Been there several times…never ceases to amaze me! The way to see both Islands is to cycle…its cycle friendly and you can stop and climb mountains when you fancy!

  2. angel wings says:

    These photos are spectacular!! :)

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