Pearl Islands, Panama Manhunt shoot.

Images from our last shoot in the Pearl Islands off the coast of Panama. Hard going, a few bizarre injuries, not least of all, one of the crew being speared fully through the neck by an airborne fish! 5′ inch penetrating wound in one side of his neck and out the other!! Evacuated to mainland for surgery to remove fishes ‘Beak’ that snapped off inside … one lucky man! No serious lasting injury and a cool drinking story to boot that’ll be hard to beat. Fish and the human kebab both doing well : ) ….Surgery video to follow with his permission  …yes, they filmed that too : )


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One Response to Pearl Islands, Panama Manhunt shoot.

  1. angel wings says:

    Wonderful photos!!! The Pearl Islands are beautiful!!! Amazing adventure!!! Finding a plane crashed in the jungle is a shocking sight! Wow! And one man speared by a fish beak! Oh my gosh!!! I am glad he is okay now!!! You guys are wild!!!

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