Filming “Dropped” for Mastiff of Sweden in Johor, Malaysia Shoot

Every now and then you come across a real gem of a location. This was certainly the case on our latest shoot where Andy (Furness) and I supported Mastiff of Sweden’s “Dropped” show In Jahor, Peninsula Malaysia. Pristine forest, over 100 herds of elephant and an estimated 18 Tigers!! … unfortunately with the some what large (and brightly equipped!!) crew we had on the ground, 60+ in total, we didn’t get to see too much wildlife, but one lucky soul did see a clouded leopard, any way, here are a few images of a shoot location I intend to investigate more …. mean while, whilst Andy and I were running around the jungles, Dave (connell) was down in Botswana working on another shoot for (BE’s Television support division) … Images to follow …….


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