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Overseas Bushcraft Survival Expeditions


The Canadian Canoe Expedition takes place in the Tobeatic Wilderness area of Nova Scotia, (See Gallery) home to the Mi’kmaq first nation’s people and the famous tale of “The Tent Dwellers” the classic true story of traditional canoe travel and camping. The tobeatic hosts some of the most pristine forest, lakes and river systems in the world and is home to the Bear River community of the Mi’kmaq (Pronounced Mig-maw) people. The Mi’kmaq people have hunted, fished and traveled throughout the tobeatic since the days of Glooscap, their creator. With an abundance of wildlife such as Moose, Deer, Beaver, Loon’s and Eagles, the tobeatic wilderness area is the perfect location to be introduced to the Canadian Canoe.

We start the expedition with a relaxed introduction to the canoe under the expert tutelage of one of Europe’s top canoe coaches; Jed Yarnold (See instructor’s profiles) Jed will be assisted by Bushcraft Expeditions instructors. Having learnt the basics, including canoe and water safety we will set off on a voyage of discovery along the Big Pine and Sporting Lake loop, navigating streams, rivers and lakes, learning the skills of traditional canoe travel, including poling, portage and camping as we go. Along the route we will stop at pristine wilderness camps and learn the bushcraft skills of the Mi’kmaq first nation’s people.

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Expedition cost £1490.00 (Inc VAT)
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