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Food and Dietry
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Food and Dietary

Can you cater for specific dietary requirements on the courses and expeditions?

Generally speaking "Yes". This will however depend on which course or expedition you are enquiring about. On some, for example the Borneo expedition, rations are of a "dehydrated" or "boil-in-the-bag" nature. It would be possible to overcome this if requested but prior notice would have to be given (this may incur a minimal extra cost). On most other expeditions vegetarians etc can be catered for.

On UK courses specific dietary requirements can generally be catered for and you can always contact the office to make sure if you have specific needs.

Will I be expected to eat bugs and creepy crawlies?

On most expeditions and some courses there is the opportunity to try out the "local delicacies" at the discretion of the individual and no pressure would be put on anyone to do so against their will. "Bugs and creepy crawlies" do not form part of the daily menu and therefore you will not go hungry should you choose not to participate.

Will I be expected to hunt/fish/trap my food on the expeditions?

No, all expeditions are on a full board basis. You will be given instruction on all the above subjects where appropriate and legal, but any wild food you do capture/catch will only supplement your normal food.

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Health and safety

Are the courses hazardous?

As with anything in life nowadays there is an inherent risk in all that we do. Bushcraft Expeditions highly trained staff have conducted risk assessments on all expeditions and courses undertaken and ensure that at all times safe operating procedures are in place to minimize any risk. All expedition and course activities are conducted under the "umbrella" of the casualty evacuation and safety plan for each environment. On all expeditions there is a means of communications, be it HF radio, satellite communications, emergency position indicating radio beacon (EPIRB) or where appropriate, helicopter evacuation facilities contactable by one of the above means.

What sanitation facilities are used during the expeditions and courses?

Expedition and course life can occasionally mean making do with minimal sanitation facilities. This may vary from washing in a stream or waterfall to using field expedient toilets (a hole in the ground!). Wherever possible we will provide facilities - these again vary from safari/camp style toilets and showers to conventional domestic amenities.

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I am concerned that I will have to buy a lot of specialist equipment that I may never use again, is this true?

No, aware of the fact that having to purchase additional equipment can add considerably to the cost of an expedition, Bushcraft Expeditions will supply, inclusive in the price, any specialist equipment deemed necessary for each expedition. Should you however decide that you would like to purchase the suggested items for yourself before or after the expedition, this can be arranged.

For UK courses a kit list is available off the web site, this is a generic list and covers all UK courses. Any thing above and beyond this list that may be required for a specific course will be provided by Bushcraft Expeditions

Will I be required to bring along my own cutting tool for the courses or expeditions?

Specific to environment cutting tools will be provided by Bushcraft Expeditions, you will however be required on occasion to bring a small pocket knife. Advice is given in the “additional information" section of each expedition page.

For UK courses you are not required to bring any form of cutting tool as all necessary tools are provided.

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Is there a qualified medic present on courses and expeditions?

Yes, dependant on the nature and location of the course or expedition, there will always be an appropriately trained medic and/or first-aider present.

Will I be required to have lots of inoculations to attend an expedition and if so what are they?

Depending on which expedition you choose will dictate which inoculations (if any) you will require. Generally speaking these are no different from any standard inoculations you would seek if going on any other overseas trip. Bushcraft Expeditions is not permitted to advise you on which inoculations you should or should not take, this can only be done by your GP under World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines. Bushcraft Expeditions will however give you additional info rmation as to which parts of individual countries you will visit and your GP can then advise accordingly.

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What if my flight is cancelled or delayed and I miss the expedition meeting time/location?

Wherever possible all necessary arrangements will be made for a separated person to join up with the expedition. This will include detailed info rmation as to the whereabouts and address of the expedition party and contact phone numbers (where applicable) during each phase of the expedition. Most expeditions commence with an acclimatization and build-up training phase and consequently the expedition party will not normally be that far from the airport/meet up point. Some expedition members choose to arrive in the country of the expedition one day earlier than the stated meeting day and stay in a B+B or similar. If you choose to do this advice can be given and where possible accommodation booked on your behalf with the in-country support agency.

What if some thing happens at home that means I have to return prematurely?

Should this unfortunate situation arise every effort will be made to repatriate an expedition member, Unfortunately Bushcraft Expeditions would not be in a position to refund any expedition costs and may, where necessary, have to charge for any costs incurred in the repatriation.

Can you advise on the best means to get to the expedition location?

Yes, Bushcraft Expeditions has researched the most economical flights to each location. The rough cost of flights is stated on the individual expedition page. Information on how to obtain these flights and costs where available are found in the "additional info rmation" section of each expedition page.
(Bushcraft Expeditions only offers advice on this subject and accepts no liability should the advised flights not be available due to late booking or any other reason)

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Car Parking

I would like to bring my car, is there some where safe that I can park?

All our sites have on site parking, once the Bushcraft Expeditions staff have met you at the meeting point you will be escorted to the course location and all cars will be parked in a designated parking area. You will have access to your car during the course should the need arise.

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Am i able to bring my pet along to the course?

Due to regulations of the estates that the courses are run from we regret to say no animals can be brought along to courses.

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Course timings and meeting points

What time do the courses start and finish?

Once you have signed up for a course you will be given access to the “additional info rmation” page by means of a unique username and password. This page lists all course arrival/start timings as well as the end/dispersion timings. These timings have been devised to facilitate you arriving at your meeting point in plenty of time and to accommodate those arriving and departing by public transport. Generally speaking these start and finish times are mid to late afternoon depending on the course and location.

Where is the meeting point for my course?

On signing up for a course you will be given your username and password to access the “additional info rmation” page of the UK courses. This page details comprehensive instructions on where to meet as well as public transport info rmation and maps of our locations.

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If attending an expedition do I need to have any prior experience in the environment?

No, one of the primary aims of any of our expeditions is to teach expedition members how to live and work comfortably in all the environments we visit. Full instruction will be given in order that you can achieve this.

Where can I get more information on the country in question, such as temperatures, precipitation, travel info, currency exchange and the likes?

Bushcraft Expeditions has researched a vast support network of web sites and facilities that will enable you to get as much background info rmation about the country you are visiting. This is available in the "additional information" section of the expedition web page.

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What Insurance does Bushcraft Expeditions hold and would I have to take out any extra?

Bushcraft Expeditions holds full public liability insurance. Expedition student are required to take out travel insurance to cover the period of the expedition.

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Expedition and Course Payments

By which means can I pay for my course or expedition?

Payment can be made once you have agreed to the Bushcraft Expeditions terms and conditions either by cheque or secure on-line payment via Paypal which accepts all major credit cards. Payment due dates are detailed in the terms and conditions. It is important that you read these thoroughly before accepting them.

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How physically demanding are the courses and expeditions?

It is hard to quantify the demands of individual expeditions. Humidity and temperature vary as do pack loads and terrain. For all expeditions you will need a reasonable level of fitness and if you are in any doubt you should seek advice from your GP. Each expedition itinerary gives an outline of what is involved and you can always phone in to the office for a more personal response. The rule of thumb is "we move at the pace of the slowest person."

UK courses are run from a static location with only short walks into and around the local forests; therefore you only need be of an average level of fitness to attend these.

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What sort of people am I likely to meet on a course or expedition?

All sorts! People from all walks of life and of all age groups like to go on these courses and expeditions. By virtue of the fact that they have enrolled on just such a course or expedition probably means they are just like you, adventurous of spirit and mind with an eagerness to learn about nature, ancient cultures and the great outdoors in general.

Are there any age limits on the courses and expeditions?


Yes, unfortunately for insurance purposes we are restricted to a lower limit of 18 years of age (at the time of the expedition). It is intended though, that in the future we will run bespoke expeditions where teenagers can attend when accompanied by an adult.

UK Courses

Minimum age for adult courses is 18 years of age.
Minimum age for Family courses is 5 years of age (accompanied by an adult).

For the UK junior courses there are different age categories for different courses. You need to check the individual course pages on the web site for details on theses. If in any doubt please contact the office.

Are the courses and expeditions run like a military course?

A categorical NO. The courses and expeditions are educational and are run in a relaxed and friendly manner and above all they are designed to be fun.

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I am disabled, could I join a course or expedition?

At Bushcraft Expeditions we treat everyone as an individual; we will give realistic advice as to the whether we think you would be able to deal with the rigours of a particular course or expedition dependant on your disability.

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Alcohol and Drugs policy

Because some of the expeditions take part in developing countries, I have heard it is okay to participate in some of the so called "soft" drugs. Is this the case and am I likely to be on expedition with people who are tempted to try them?

Bushcraft Expeditions has a strict zero tolerance policy on drugs of any nature, regardless of local law. Any expedition member found to be taking drugs of any nature will be removed from the expedition or course and will forfeit all monies and will be responsible for their own repatriation and any cost incurred.

Will I be able to have an alcoholic drink whilst on expedition?

This will depend on the country in which the expedition takes place (local law may dictate) the training being undertaken and the stage of the expedition. Alcohol in moderation at the appropriate times is acceptable and Bushcraft Expeditions staff will have all jurisdiction as to how much and when this I permitted during expeditions.

Can I bring/drink alcohol on a UK course?

As a “rule of thumb” no alcohol is permitted on the courses. On some course however there are after course functions. On these the provision and consumption of alcohol will be at the discretion of the instructor present.

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Any other questions (AOQs)


I can't find the answer to my question in the list above, is there any one I can talk to that can help me?

Yes, if you contact the Bushcraft Expeditions office a member of staff will be able to help you and if they don't have the answer immediately at hand they will get back to you having found out the appropriate answer.

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