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Expedition Borneo kit list

Equipment requirements for working and living in a jungle environment are fairly simple. Owing to the heat and humidity the equipment you do take needs to be of good quality as kit can rot and deteriorate quite rapidly. Below you will find all the relevant equipment listed for living and working in a jungle environment without breaking the bank.

Bushcraft Expeditions is aware that some items of equipment are environment specific and may not be used again. This can add considerably to an expedition cost. To that end wherever possible we will provide that equipment inclusive in the price for use on our expeditions. Those items are as follows:

Equipment provided in-country by Bushcraft Expeditions:

This equipment will be loaned to expedition members on arrival in Borneo :

  • Lightweight shelter sheet/tarpaulin
  • Hammock
  • Mosquito net
  • Machete/Parang

Clothing you will need to bring:

When working in a jungle environment we work a wet/dry routine, this is to say we wear the same set of clothing all day, every day and we have a set of dry clothing to change into in the evenings once we have washed. Therefore your requirements are few:

Wet Clothing

  • "Cargo" type trousers (loose fitting)
  • Long sleeve shirt (loose fitting)
  • Walking socks (1 pair)
  • Lycra running/cycling shorts (Plain without reinforced gusset)
  • Lycra sports bra (ladies)
  • Jungle boots obtainable from the following shops: (See additional information)
  • Jungle or baseball hat
  • Belt (Not leather)

Dry Clothing

  • "Cargo" type trousers (loose fitting)
  • Cotton “T” shirt (loose fitting)
  • Socks (1 pair)
  • Normal underwear
  • Trainers or light canvas type boots
  • Flip-flops

Equipment you will need to bring:

  • Rucksack 65-70 ltr
  • Waterproof rucksack liner or canoe bag
  • 1 season sleeping bag or lightweight blanket
  • Travel pillow (optional)
  • Water bottle/bag (1 ltr min) or Camelbak water container
  • Mug and spoon
  • Billy can (preferable) or mess tin (for cooking over open fires)
  • Small pocket knife
  • Whistle
  • Small day-sack or other means to carry daily requirements
  • 10 metres of strong nylon cord
  • Note book and pencil
  • Wash bag
  • Water bag (min 6 ltr)
  • Orienteering compass
  • Head torch and spare batteries
  • Waterproof map case
  • Towel
  • Swimming costume

Personal Medications

  • Small personal medical kit containing plasters, aspirin etc
  • Lip salve
  • Sun block
  • Mosquito repellent


  • Passport

Consumable items provided in country

  • Candles
  • Antiseptic soap
  • Foot powder
  • Disposable lighters (2)


All expedition members should contact their doctor for advice on Malaria prophylaxis and any other vaccinations required for Borneo.