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1.  UK Travel and public transport sites.
  Dorset Information.
  Dorset accomodation and camp sites.
  Overseas Travel and country information.
  Medical Information and Travel clinics
  Flight booking and airport information sites.
  Visa and passport information sites.
  Embassy and FCO sites.
  UK and world weather sites.
 Enviroment sites.
11. Currency conversion sites.
12. Cold weather clothing and equipment sites.
13. Warm weather clothing and equipment sites.
14. Books and media sites.
15. Miscellaneous sites.


UK Travel and public transport


All Dorset Bus Times                                 -   Dorset bus timings site

www.transportdirect.info                          -   UK Journey planner

www.totaltravel.co.uk                               -   UK Travel planner

www.tfl.gov.uk                                           -   London transport

www.traveline.org.uk                                -   Uk Travel site

www.nationalexpress.com                        -   National coach operator

www.megabus.com                                    -   Low cost coach operator

www.stagecoachbus.com                          -   National coach operator

www.arrivabus.co.uk                                 -   Local bus locator/operator

www.nationalrail.co.uk                              -   National rail operator

www.thetrainline.com                                -   Cheap rail tickets

www.raileasy.co.uk                                    -   Rail tickets bookings

www.route.rac.co.uk                                  -   RAC Route planner

www.route.tomtom.com                             -   Tomtom Route planner


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Dorset information and camp sites.


www.westdorset.com                                 -   West Dorset information

www.dorsetforyou.com                              -   Dorset Information

www.visit-dorset.org.uk                             -   Dorset information

www.visitsouthwest.co.uk                          -   Dorset Tourism site

www.swtourism.org.uk                               -   SW Tourism

Beaminster-Map                                         -   Beaminster area map

www.iknow-dorset.com                                 - Dorset information/Accomodation


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Dorset accommodation and camp sites.


The Courtyard Bed and Breakfast                -   Beaminster accommodation

www.watermeadowhouse.co.uk                   -   Beaminster accommodation

www.boweshousebandb.com                        -   Beaminster accommodation

www.bridge-house.co.uk                              -   Beaminster accommodation

www.slapehillbarn.co.uk                               -   Beaminster accommodation

www.ebenezerbedandbreakfast.co.uk         -   Beaminster accommodation

www.westlanecottage.co.uk                         -   Piddlehinton accommodation

www.binghamsfarm.co.uk                             -   Local campsite. (Adults only)

www.freshwaterbeach.co.uk                         -   Local campsite

www.eypehouse.co.uk                                   -   Local campsite

www.a1tourism.com                                      -   Accommodation (National)  

www.sykescottages.co.uk                             -   Holiday Cottages

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Overseas travel and country information.


www.travelinsuranceguide.org.uk                -   Info on travel insurance

www.worldtravelguide.net                            -   World travel guide

www.countryreports.org                               -   Country Information site

www.geographic.org                                     -   Country Information site

The World fact book                                      -   World facts data base


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Medical Information and Travel clinics.


www.travelhealth.co.uk                                 -   Travel Health information

Healthcare abroad                                         -   NHS Overseas Healthcare

European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)       -   EHIC Application site


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Flight booking and airport information sites.


www.flightmapping.com/Maps                       -   UK > World flight maps

www.airninja.com                                           -   Lowcost airline route locator

www.skyscanner.net                                       -   Who flies where site

www.flightview.com                                        -    Real time flight tracker

www.flightstats.com                                        -   Real time flight stats site

www.heathrow-airport-guide.co.uk                -   Heathrow Terminal Guide

www.gatwick-airport-guide.co.uk                   -   Gatwick Terminal Guide

www.stansted-airport-guide.co.uk                  -   Stanstead Terminal Guide

All other UK Terminals Guides                        -   See bottom right of page

Flight compare.                                               -   Flight cost comparison site

www.expedia.co.uk                                         -   General flight locator

www.justtheflight.co.uk                                  -   Low cost flight locator

www.bravofly.co.uk                                         -  Low cost flight locator


The sites below are the recommended carriers for our overseas expeditions.

www.Cheapflights.ca                                      - Comparison site for Canadian Flights

www.canadianaffair.com                                -  Low cost Canadian carrier

www.aircanada.com                                       -  Canadian National Carrier

www.norwegian.com/en                                 -   Low cost Norwegian Carrier

www.flysas.com                                              -   Scandinavian (National) Carrier

www.bruneiair.com                                         -   Brunei (Borneo) National Carrier

www.airasia.com                                             -   Low cost Asian Carrier

ww.thaiair.com                                                -   Thai National Carrier

www.airnamibia.com.na                                  -   Namibian National Carrier

www.flysaa.com                                              -   South African National Carrier


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Visa and passport information sites.


www.projectvisa.com                                      - World Visa information site

www.globalvisas.com                                      - Global Visa requirements site


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Embassy and FCO sites.


The British Embassy                                       -  British Embassy home page

The Canadian Embassy                                  -   Canadian Embassy home page

The Thai Embassy                                          -   Thai Embassy home page

The Norwegian Embassy                                -   Norwegian Embassy home page

The Swedish Embassy                                    -   Swedish Embassy home page

The Bruneian Embassy                                   -   Bruneian Embassy home page

The Namibian Embassy                                  -   Namibian Embassy home page


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UK and world weather sites.

Beaminster weather                                       -   Weather for UK courses location

Bardufoss weather                                          -  Weather for Norway location

Chiang Mai weather                                         -  Weather for Thailand location

Bushmanland, Namibia Weather                     -  Weather for Namibia location


Tobeatic, Canada weather                               -  Weather for Canada location

Soppero, Sweden weather                               -  Weather for Sweden location

UK Metcheck                                                     -  National UK weather

Wunderground                                                 -  World weather and history

YR.no                                                                -  World weather

Moon phase calculator                                     -  Moon state (past and present)

Tidal predictions                                              -  UK, 28 day tidal predictions


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Enviroment sites.


www.defra.gov.uk                                            -  Department of the Environment

www.environment-agency.gov.uk                   -  UK Environment Agency

www.naturalengland.org.uk                             -  Countryside agency

www.jncc.gov.uk                                              -  Joint Nature conservation

www.naturenet.net                                           - Nature information and Law


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Currency conversion and travellers cheque sit


www.xe.com                                                      - Currency Conversion

www.x-rates.com                                              - Currency Comparison Charts

www.fairfx.com                                                 - Secure Cash Travel Card

www.postoffice.co.uk                                        - Post Office Travel Card

www.americanexpress.com                              - Travellers Cheques

www.westernunion.co.uk                                  - Cards, Cheques and Transfers


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Cold weather clothing and equipment sites.


www.phdesigns.co.uk                                       -  Clothing and Equipment

www.bask.info                                                   - Clothing and Equipment

www.cotswoldoutdoors.com                             -  Clothing and Equipment

www.needlesports.com                                     -  Clothing and Equipment

www.cave-crag.co.uk                                        -  Mittens

www.outdoormegastore.co.uk                          -  Boots, Clothing, Equipment

www.allcocksoutdoorstore.co.uk                     - Fishing Tackles/Outdoor Clothing

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Warm weather clothing and equipment sites.


www.kendricksimports.com                              - Hats, boots and bags

www.unbeatentracks.com                                 - Hats, boots and clothing

www.orvis.co.uk                                                - Bush shirts, wide brim hats

www.safari-store.co.uk                                     - Safari clothing and equipment

www.safarigear.co.uk                                       - Safari clothing and equipment

www.surplusandoutdoors.com                          - Boots and Surplus Clothing

www.surplusandoutdoors.com                          - Khaki Trousers

www.craghoppers.com                                      - Khaki trousers and shirts

www.simplyleather.co.uk                                  - Bush hats

www.hatsandheadwear.com                              - Hats, hats and more hats!


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Books and media sites.


www.usedbooksearch.co.uk                              - Search 100 million used books

www.abebooks.co.uk                                         - UK used books search engine

www.amazon.co.uk                                            - New Books

www.gazellebookservices.co.uk                       - Book Catalogues

www.nhbs.com                                                   - Natural history book store

www.wildlifebooks.com                                     - Natural history book store


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Miscellaneous sites.


www.forcesdiscounts-mod.co.uk                      - MOD Discounts web site

www.mallinson.co.uk                                         - Green woodworking

www.robgwilliams.com                                      - Rob Gwilliams web design

www.guardian.co.uk                                          - Guardian News articles

www.mushroomhunting.co.uk                           - John Wright Mushrooms

www.projectteam.net                                        - Dorset Activities





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